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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutations Giant Leo Playset

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutations Giant Leo Playset

24 Inch Leonardo Transforms Into Complete Lair Playset

Leo stands 24 inches tall, but then opens up to 30 inches wide with nine rooms: Turtles living room, Splinter's meditation area, skate park half-pipe, Mikey's pad, street level lookout tower, Turtles' dojo, Donnie's workshop, computer lab and a Turtles' jail. The playset includes over 30 different features including skateboard, street light catapult, multiple sneaky sewer trap doors, weapon racks, climbing ladders and fold out bridges.

Eight Levels of Play from Street to Sewer

To open Leo into the Sewer Lair, first pull his head back and then the back of his shell. Push his head right back and pull out the ramp so that Mikey can skate out of the lair. Pull the front of his shell down along with his arms, his fists will then rest on the floor and support the playset, Open out the blue stairs and Donnie's lab at the back of the shell. Fold out the side bridges either side of the tower and pull up the barriers. Unfold the stepped bridges so Donnie's lab is connected to the central tower. Pull up the top of the tower and remove Mikey's Skate board and open the platform.

Donnie's Lab and Fold-Out Stairs

No sewer lair would be complete without Donnie's lab. As Donatello is extremely intelligent and technical, always working on a strategy, whether it's building machines and gadgets or battling villains; the lab is the right place for him to work on all of his creations.

If an enemy gets into his lab to sabotage his ideas, there is a secret trap door which is disguised as a sewer lid. If an enemy stands on the sewer lid they will fall through and out of the sewer lair.

Donnie's lab can be accessed by the fold out stairs that join to the fold out bridges that connect the lab to the rest of the lair or the blue foldable stairs that lead down to the ground.

Skate Park

Once Leo is fully open, the inside of his shell becomes Mikey's skate park with ramp. Mikey can skate in the designated skate path and perform all his skate boarding tricks including kick flips, heel flips, 180's and a grind along the epic rail that leads onto escape ramp.

Look Out Tower

Once the playset is opened up, in the centre is the look out tower for the Turtles. Mikey's skateboard is stored at the top of the tower, so it can be folded away and becomes part of the Giant Leo.

The top platform on the tower folds out and turtles can grab onto the street light catapult and swing to take out any enemies that are hiding in the lower part of the tower. Swing your turtle figure down and smash, the un-expecting enemy is kicked out of the tower and into Mikey's skate park.

The turtles sewer lair is full of traps to catch out the enemy. In the middle section of the tower there is a sewer lid trap door. If an enemy steps on this, they will full further down into the tower where they will land in the Turtles dojo, where there is a surprise launch pad. You can launch them into the left leg of Leo and they will fall into the sewer lair prison and there is no escape. If they fall down the right leg of Leo they fall into Mikey's pad.