Eyepet Keyring Plush

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This cute EyePet Keyring is an officially licensed collectable item based on the character from the interactive Playstation Video Game series. Watch out! The EyePet has escaped from the virtual world and is up to all sorts of mischief! From his cute little ears to the tip of his tail, this must-have EyePet Keyring brought to you by GameOnStuff is super soft, super cuddly and just plain adorable! Ideal for hanging on your keychain or bag, this truly huggable character is the perfect gift for EyePet fans of all ages or anyone who just wants some monkey-cuddling goodness! With three sizes available, start your collection now because one little monkey just isn't enough!

About EyePet: The EyePet game series is published by Sony Computer Entertainment and are designed for use on the PSP, PS3 and Playstation Move. The game uses the camera to allow a virtual pet to interact with people and objects in the real world. Using augmented reality, the simian, gremlin-like creature appears to be aware of its environment and surroundings and reacts to them accordingly. The player can tickle the animal or clap their hands to startle it. Customize your EyePet by changing the colour/style of their fur and choose different outfits and you can also teach your EyePet tricks and play mini-games against another person and pet when connected over the Playstation Network.

Officially Licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment

Made from ultra-soft materials.

Collectible high quality keyring.

Approx 11cm tall.

Suitable for 3 years+