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Alien & Predator Classics - Action Figures 15cm Assortment (8) NECA51693


Price: 143.00 EUR

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These sturdy 5.5 figures evoke a simpler time when action figures were tossed in the bucket to go to the beach, or left strewn across the stairs for parents to trip over. The debut figures in the line are Berserker Predator, which has a removable mask, and Neomorph Alien, which comes with a baby Neomorph. Alien & Predator Classics-6" Scale Action Figure-Assortment 634482516935 Alien & Predator Classics - 6" Scale Action Figure- Berserker Predator 634482516942 Alien & Predator Classics - 6" Scale Action Figure- Neomorph Alien 634482516959"