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Philos Pokerchips, aluminium case 3757

Price: 45.00 EUR

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Philos Pokerchips, aluminium case 3757

aluminium case, size 390 x 210 x 70 mm.
300 chips, plastic, with laser sticker, 11,5g,
diameter 40 mm, thickness 3,5 mm, in five different colours.
With playing cards, 5 casino dice and 3 buttons (Dealer, Small Blind, Big Blind).

number of players: 2 - 6
recommended age: from age 8
playing time: ca. 5 minutes
playing instruction: language DE, GB, FR, ES, DK, PL

Poker is basically a very simple Game. Players pay their bets into a
central pot over several rounds, which is won at the end by the player
with the highest combination of cards. Although there are hundreds of
playing variations, most follow the same pattem of play