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Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) VR Mega Pack 3 + Camera + 5 games CUH-ZVR2


Price: 370.00 EUR

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PS VR Mega Pack 3 incl. PS VR headset / PS camera / PS camera adapter / 5 games (voucher code) LIVE THE GAME Bring your gaming experience to a new level of immersion and discover breathtaking new worlds - every time you use the headset touches down. Immerse yourself in hundreds of stunning virtual reality games and experiences. Travel through an endless universe, explore fantasy realms, make your way through the criminal underworld, lose yourself in the rhythm or achieve victory in a classic sports game. Included in delivery: - PlayStation VR headset - Processor unit - PlayStationCamera - PlayStationCamera adapter (for PS5) - PlayStationStore voucher code for PlayStation VR Worlds * - PlayStationStore voucher code for four games * - Stereo headphones and earphones - HDMI cable - USB cable - Power cord - Power connection - Cleaning cloth - Operating instructions