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4Gamers Playstation 4 (PS4) Stereo Gaming Headset PRO4-70 Rose Gold Edit - Abstract Black


Price: 39.00 EUR

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ULTIMATE COMFORT 4Gamers have designed a Stereo Gaming Headset that will withstand those long hours of gameplay, with the soft leatherette that has been incorporated into the flexible over the ear cushions and on the top of the extendable adjustable headband. Giving you all the room you need, and completely glasses friendly. IMPECCABLE SOUND The 40 mm Speaker Drivers that have been included from 4Gamers ensures that you ALWAYS have the upper hand when it comes to your enemies. You will be able to hear your enemies approach you from all around. Giving you the upper hand in any mission. And as a Gamer, 4Gamers understand that Driver Units is what makes the difference from a regular headset and a GREAT headset, that’s why their speakers are Neodymium which features an element that converts an electrical signal into sound, providing you with a better bass response and higher overall sound quality. TAKE CONTROL That’s not all that 4Gamers have done with this beautifully designed Stereo Gaming Headset. They have also included quite a few features that gives you the control you need when playing or streaming; the Game / Chat Volume Control sound adjustment that allows you to alter how loud you want to hear your Game and/or Chat with a dial that can be located on the 3.5 mm Jack Cable. You also have the power to mute your mic if you wish, as 4Gamers have included a simple switch (The OFF position means that the Mic. is muted and the ON position means that the Mic. is no longer muted) or you could choose to game without the Mic. even attached. CHOICE With 4Gamers amazingly aesthetically pleasing – removable, flexible, lock in Mic. feature (A new feature for the brand) the power of choice is yours! As you don’t have to use 4Gamers PRO4 – 70 Rose Gold Abstract Edition headsets just for Gaming. They can be used in everyday life with the music you know and love! With a simple step of unlocking the Mic. from the headset (by turning the Mic. to the unlock position) you are ready to go! FEATURES: Inline Volume Control For Simultaneous Chat & Game Sound Adjustment Removable Microphone With Locking System Flexible Mic Boom L-shaped 3.5mm Jack Connection Over-ear Leatherette Ear Cushions Provide Comfort And Reduce Ambient Noise Adjustable Headband Flexible Ear Cups 1.2 Metre Cable With 40mm Speaker Drivers Black with Abstract Rose Gold Pattern