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Rocksmith Real Tone Cable


Price: 38.00 EUR

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With the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable you can connect any guitar or bass to your Xbox 360, PlayStation3 system or Windows PC. - Allows you to connect your instrument directly to your computer and record at 48 kHz. - Allows you to play Rocksmith collaboratively on a split screen. - The unique design enables the guitar to be removed quickly from the game console or Windows PC to guarantee the protection of equipment and hardware. Compatible with Rocksmith Experience Rocksmith - the first and only video game that lets you plug in a real guitar or bass. Rocksmith automatically adapts to your personal abilities and challenges experienced musicians as well as anyone who has never had a guitar or bass in their hand in their life. Suitable for all basses and guitars - guitar or bass with 6.35 mm jack plug output required. Rocksmith software is required to play on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. - Does not contain any recording or music software for PC. Note: The game is not included in this package