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Aliens in the Attic Wii

Price: 19.91 EUR

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A crazy squad of aliens known as the Zirkonians have arrived on Earth.

Their mission? To prepare the planet for a invasion! The squad members seek to deploy the Sizematron device, which will enlarge the otherwise diminutive aliens and the entire invasion force.

In a strategic move by the Zirkonians, the Sizematron itself was actually sent to Earth years before in a separate ship.

However, it appears that the humans have built a large dwelling on top of the Sizematrons hiding place. The aliens will have to find a way to reach and activate it!

  • Based on the Family Adventure film Aliens in the Attic by 20th Century Fox featuring Ashley Tisdale and Robert Hoffman.
  • Brand New perspective as the Alien Invaders intent on Capturing Earth!
  • Switch between 4 Unique Characters in real time! Each posses their own special skills for navigating multiple obstacles throughout the Giant Country House!
  • Fight your way from the roof to the basement, from the attic to the venting system, from the living room to the garden!
  • Play through 15 Electrifying Levels with 4 Difficulty Modes as an Alien Invader! Battle the Pearsons and more!
  • Accommodating fast past action, suitable for the Whole Family!