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18 Wheels of Steel Haulin PC (ENG)

Price: 15.99 EUR

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Haul Some! Kick Some!

Life on the road is filled with obstacles. Do you have the juice to go from gearjammer to boss man in the trucking business? Climb in the can and find out!

You're steering the whole operation, from choosing the trucks to hiring the drivers in your fleet. Avoid the hazards and you'll be hauling it in. But, make too many wrong turns along the way and it could be a lost cause.

That fire in your belly is gonna take you straight to the top. Take risks, cash in and upgrade your rig. Work hard and you might end up driving the whole show!

  • Got the juice to run a trucking business?
  • Can you go from gear jammer to boss man?
  • 35+ rigs with 45+ cargo types
  • Travel over 40cities coast to coast.