Galda spēle Philos Paros, medium, Backgammon 1111 nardi

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Galda spēle Philos Paros, medium, Backgammon 1111 nardi

Nardi ir aizraujoša galda spēle diviem spēlētājiem.
Tai ir vienkārši noteikumi un jūs varat sākt to spēlēt uzreiz.

cassette, size 335 x 210 x 40 mm, poplar and maple, inboard printed, with playing pieces and dice.

number of players: 2
recommended age: from age 6
playing time: ca. 10 minutes
playing instruction: language DE, GB, FR, ES, IT, NL, DK, SE, PL, RU

Backgammon is an exciting board game for two players.
It has simple rules and you can begin your first game immediately.
The checkers are placed on the playing board in a specific predetermined
arrangement. With the roll of the dice the moves are determined.
Experience the excitement after the dices have landed and then consider your tactical move.
What will your opposing player’s result of their dice be? Do you take the risk or play safe?
Don't take your eyes off your opponent's checkers. Each throw of the dice brings excitement
and new momentum to the game. Even when the game seems to be going well for you, things can
suddenly change as the other player knocks your checker off the board, bringing another into play.
The first player to bear off all their checkers wins the game.