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Fiskars - X7 Universal Axe (36cm) - Garden tools


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Fiskars - X7 Universal Axe (36cm) - Garden tools

  • FiberComp virtually unbreakable handle
  • Great for universal cutting tasks
  • Blade PTFE coated

Fiskars Chopping Axe X7 is great for universal cutting tasks and is suitable for campers, hikers, and as a companion for outdoor activities. This chopping axe features the right balance between the head and shaft for safe, comfortable and efficient use. The blade has thin, wide edge that ensures a clean, easy cut through fresh and resinous wood. The blade is also PTFE coated for protection against corrosion. The ultra-light and durable FiberComp™ handle minimises fatigue and makes the axe virtually unbreakable. The axe also has an optimal anti-shock surface structure ensuring a comfortable, firm grip while the hooked end of the handle prevents the axe from slipping. The axe is also weatherproof. Comes with a plastic sheath for easy carrying and storage. Length: 355mm.Weight: 640g.Fiskars Established in 1649, is the oldest company in Finland. Fiskars is a leading brand that provides functional, user-friendly and lasting design solutions for hand tools and beyond. Fiskars products respond to genuine inspiration and drive to get the job done well in the most effortless and intuitive way. Fiskars is a leading global supplier of consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors. The group has a strong portfolio of trusted international brands, including Fiskars, Iittala, Gerber, Silva, and Buster. Fiskars have worked with tools, cutting and steel forging ever since we first started operating 360 years ago.

Box Contains

1 x Fiskars X7 Chopping Axe 640g (1.4lb)