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Star Wars Millennium Falcon DX (Deluxe) 9-inch Silicon Tray KotGZ331


Cena: 26.43 EUR

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Kotobukiya proudly presents the Millennium Falcon Deluxe Silicone Ice Tray! New Deluxe size creates a single, large ice cube shaped like the Millenium Falcon that is 3 times larger than the previous Millennium Falcon silicone Ice Tray. Deluxe size stands nearly 10 inches tall! Measures: W:6.9in X H:8.9in X D:2.3in Sturdy, easy-to-use silicone construction! Both heat (230?or446F) and cold (-40?/F) resistant, making it both oven and freezer safe! Perfect for Star Wars themed parties, or just for everyday fun for any Star Wars fan!