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Star Wars Saga - C-3PO & R2-D2 Business Card Holder KotGY026


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Product Information: Kotobukiya's lineup of business products continues with a cute styled business card holder featuring the famous Droid Duo C3-PO & R2-D2 Sturdy metal construction protects your business cards while giving them a touch of Star Wars! Gold colored case features the C3-PO and R2-D2 on the front alongside quotes and illustrations from the Star Wars films! ----- License Information: Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise conceived by George Lucas. The first film in the franchise was originally released on May 25, 1977, under the title Star Wars, by 20th Century Fox, and became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, followed by two sequels, released at three-year intervals. Sixteen years after the release of the trilogy's final film, the first in a new prequel trilogy of films was released, again at three-year intervals, with the final film released on May 19, 2005.