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Tetris - Stress Block - (Pack of 28 Pcs CDU) - Toy


Cena: 94.99 EUR

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Whether you've had a day full of stress at school or the office, there's no better way to unwind then with your cool new Tetrimino shaped stress blocks. Shaped in one of the seven iconic Tetris playing pieces, each Tetris™ Stress Block is perfectly formed to absorb large amounts of aggression and restore your mind to a more tranquil state.

There’s one for every day of the week. Pick up the pick up the “J” piece if you are crying the Monday blues. Try the “T” Tetrimino for Tuesday….you get the idea! Made from expanded PU Foam, these officially licensed Tetris Stress Blocks are the perfect gift for the video game fan in your life.   

Shapes available are: J – dark blue, L – orange, Z – red, T – purple, O – yellow, S – green, I – light blue.

Don't let your stress levels build up! Use these colourful Tetris Stress Blocks to relieve those daily frustrations.

Box consists of a mixed CDU of 28 Tetrimino-shaped blocks.