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DC Universe - Green Lantern ARTFX 1/6 Scale Statue 35cm KotSV136


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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!    Height: approx 345mm. - Will what is the universe's strongest force, it is a Green Lantern light! - Jim Lee version of Green Lantern appeared to ARTFX DC COMICS Justice League series! - ARTFX DC Heroes series 5th by Dream tag of Jim Lee design × Matsumoto KoHisashi prototype! - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern hero following the flash is to manipulate by changing the power of the indomitable will to light! - Mask and the pupil of the green to hide the identity, annual Jim Lee muscle that has been carefully trained, and a strong thick silhouette drawn by Mr. while holding the points such as distinctive power ring, the motif of the emblem of the Green Lantern in the pedestal, it was three-dimensional and the image of a figure which rises to float in space. - This emblem part can be made to slide, coat of arms of the Green Lantern, such as if it were made of solid light will emerge along with Hal Jordan. - His long-awaited new movie [original title - Green Lantern core ] public is scheduled for 2020, welcome by the force of the strong will. - Sculpted: Kohisashi Matsumoto