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Dungeon Saga - Flagstone Bases - EN MGDS23


Cena: 11.58 EUR

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Every legend begins somewhere. With Heroes of the Kickstarter it can begin with you. These heroes ? Niola Malone, Samgone Ellwood Jacksington, the mysterious Shadow Walker, and Funny Bone the jester ? are designed by the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter community for you to explore the depths of Mantica and carve their names into legend. This set contains 4 metal models to be used with the Dungeon Saga Adventurer's Companion, including: ? Niola Malone, the Half-Elf Thief ? Shadow Walker, the Human Assassin ? Samgone, the Halfling Ranger ? Funny Bone, the Undead Jester ? Plastic Dungeon Themed Bases Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Metal models require Super Glue.