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FFG - Star Wars X-Wing: VT-49 Decimator Expansion Pack - EN FFGSWX24


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The VT-49 Decimator is one of the Empire?s most feared warships, often used to provide long-range reconnaissance or deploy raiding parties behind enemy forces. The VT-49 Decimator Expansion Pack brings this intimidating Imperial gunboat to X-Wing? as a hulking, large-base ship that towers over smaller starfighters. One detailed and pre-painted VT-49 Decimator miniature comes with four ship cards and thirteen upgrade cards, including crew members like Mara Jade. You?ll also find a new mission, three obstacle tokens, a maneuver dial, and all requisite tokens. Key Selling Points ? A large-base Imperial starship expansion for X-Wing ? The VT-49 Decimator is one of the Empire?s most-feared and heavily armed transports ? Features one detailed and pre-painted starship miniature at 1/270 scale ? Comes with four ship cards and thirteen upgrades, including crew member Mara Jade ? New debris cloud obstacle tokens create new interactions with terrain