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IA - Plush Figure 22cm PBPC01


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Born on January 27, 2012 as an audio library software of Yamaha Corporation of speech synthesis system ?VOCALOID ? 3?. IA voice was provided by the great Japanese singer ?Lia? where the name ?IA? was taken from. The popularity of IA has grown incredibility with some of her music videos reaching over 1,000,000 views. IA 1st Live Concert in Japan -PARTY A GO-GO-? is being partially screened in anime conventions and cinemas around the world like JAPAN EXPO SUD (Marseille), JAPAN EXPO in Thailand (Bangkok), Madrid Otaku (Madrid), Anime Expo (Los Angeles), Japan Expo (Paris), Nadeshicon (Quebec), Otakuthon (Montréal) and many more... her popularity just keeps on growing. POPbuddies are very excited to offer the fans with a plush version of IA - she is just even more cuter than ever.