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Kings of War - Forces of the Abyss Mega Force - EN MGKWA02


Cena: 96.08 EUR

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Mass incursions of the forces of the Abyss are thankfully rare, for when they do happen, the suffering is terrible. Pouring forth in waves of demonic creatures on foot and in the air, an Abyssal horde may only ever be stopped at great cost and after much bloodshed. This set contains 152 multi-part plastic Abyssal miniatures, including: 100 Lower Abyssals (can also be assembled as Flamebearers) 40 Succubi 6 Molochs with command 10 Gargoyles 2 Efreeti 1 Abyssal Champion 1 Ba'su'su the Vile 4 Imp Swarms Bases