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Galda spēle The Enchanted Tower

Cena: 28.98 EUR

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Bērnu galda spēle The Enchanted Tower

Ieteicamais vecums 5+

Spēles laiks 15-25 min

Spēlētāju skaits 2-4

Crunch, crack! The sinister sorcerer Ravenhorst sneaks through the forest. "Hee hee, I‘ll hide it here, next to the gnarled root!" He holds the silver key up in the air triumphantly and immediately makes it disappear under a stone.

Oh no, Ravenhorst is the only one who knows where the key is hidden! How can Robin free the Princess now?! Come on, hurry up and look for the key! But the dark sorcerer is on his way to the hiding place to get there before Robin.

When he reaches the tower he gets a big surprise! The padlocks are enchanted and the Princess jumps joyously in the air – but only if you stick the key into the right lock. Can you be the hero?

  • Help Robin to find the silver key and rescue the Princess from the enchanted tower before the wicked sorcerer gets to her!
  • Pit your seeking skills against the sorcerer and use your magnetic powers to pick up the key first
  • The whole family will love the chance to be hero in this game of cunning and luck
  • Amazing key and tower devices give this game an exciting twist
  • Develops team playing skills, for ages 5+


Box Contains

1 x tower (2 parts)
1 x metal key (+1 spare)
1 x Princess figure
1 x Sorcerer figure
1 x Robin figure
1 x large gameboard
1 x small gameboard
16 x tiles
1 x symbols die
1 x number die