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Briefcase A4 with Sliding Walls - Silver Case-A4-Silver


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Lockable Aluminium Frame Storage Case for storing: Trading Cards, Deck Boxes, Sports Cards, Magic the Gathering Cards, Yugioh Cards, Pokemon Cards, and any type of Board Game Cards... etc Product features: - 4 x Movable sliding walls. (Can be used to arrange the case in different arrangements to store anything you desire.) - 18 Index divider cards (Random Colors) - 2 keys. - 2 x Space filler sponge strips. Details: - Interior: 365mm x 230mm x 70mm - Exterior: 390mm x 250mm x 105mm - Fits approximately 2000 UNSLEEVED cards, or 1000 SLEEVED cards. - Black sponge filled case lid for added card protection