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FFG - Arkham Horror: The Card Game 2017 Invocation Event Kit - EN FFGOP042


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Arkham Horror: The Card Game players will unravel arcane mysteries and conspiracies in your store during the 2017 Invocation event! A new set of challenges await groups of players who dare to explore the Ultimatums! You can schedule your 2017 Invocation event on December 16th or 17th, during the offcial Invocation Weekend. Alternatively, you can also hold your Invocation event on any date thereafter. Ultimatums invite established players to choose a scenario or campaign, new or old, and add a layer of challenge and prestige by imposing a special limit or restriction. The standalone adventure scenarios are perfect to jump right in (product codes uAHC09 and uAHC10). For new players, this event can provide the perfect motivation to learn the game! Contents (Not For Resale): ? Support up to four players per kit in a casual open-play event pre-order multiple kits to support more players ? Exclusive prizes: 4 Daisy alternate art investigator and mini promo cards & 4 2017 Invocation playmats Please note: The alternate art cards in this kit are produced at a different facility than the original game, and may differ in color and texture. More information on Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play, including documents to help you host the best events, can be found at Reselling kits or their contents, including prizes and other materials, is not permitted. (Event entry fees are allowed.) Reselling these items may result in the loss of eligibility to purchase kits or participate in Organized Play.