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FFG - Star Wars: Kylo Ren Gaming Mat - EN FFGSWS33


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Enhance your gaming space and immerse yourself more fully into your games of Star Wars?: The Card Game with two new Star Wars? Gaming Mats. The Kylo Ren Gaming Mat and First Order Gaming Mat partner bold and imposing images from Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the convenience of no-slip gaming surfaces. Each gaming mat measures approximately 60cm by 35cm. ? The Kylo Ren Gaming Mat features a stunning depiction of the menacing villain from The Force Awakens wielding his distinctive red-bladed lightsaber and crouching, ready for battle, and clad all in black. ? The ideals of strength and order are given life in the First Order Gaming Mat, which depicts a wave of First Order Stormtroopers surging relentlessly toward their goal while plumes of black smoke in the background hint at the devastation they have left in their wake. ? Star Wars Gaming Mats, featuring art depicting the villains from The Force Awakens ? Designed for use with Star Wars?: The Card Game or other card games ? Made from slip-free natural rubber ? Each mat measures 60cm x 35cm ? Produced by FFG?s Factory (formerly In-House Manufacturing)