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Galda spēle Galaxia

Cena: 21.99 EUR

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 Galda spēle Galaxia

 "You hang stars and planets on the rotating wheel. When they fall off they are transformed into valuable shooting stars. But watch out; It's not up to you if you're lucky or not! You have to get instructions and then hang stars and planets on the wheel. Whatever falls off is gathered up by the player who gave you the instructions. So you have to demonstrate skill and care so that the other players won't collect too many points in the form of shooting stars. On the other hand, you should give such instructions which result in as many stars as possible falling off...

For those who prefer to harvest shooting stars trying their own luck and skill there is an additional game variant.
A sky-borne game of skill for the whole family.

Contents: 1 star wheel, 12 big stars, 12 small stars, 16 planets."