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Galda spēle Triovision Master

Cena: 19.99 EUR

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 Galda spēle Triovision Master

 Triovision Master challenges players to move quickly and create certain combinations of shapes.

To start, the nine tokens – three cubes, three cylinders and three pawns, with red, blue and yellow versions of each – are placed randomly on the playing area: a field of 17 squares in a rough cross. Ten cards are revealed from the deck, with each card showing a pattern of colors and shapes in a particular arrangement. The backside of the card on top of the deck shows one of the nine tokens.

Everyone plays simultaneously. Players attempt to form one of the patterns shown on the cards by moving the specific piece indicated on the card back to any empty space on the game board. If the player does this correctly, she claims the card; if not, she's out for the round. Once someone claims a card, the top card of the deck is flipped, revealing a new pattern and the piece that now must be moved.

The first player to collect twelve cards wins.