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Blackfire - Deluxe Card Chest 40174


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The Blackfire Deluxe Card Chest offers a premium storage solution for any Trading or Living Card game. The box is divided in two main parts that can be locked and opened seperately. The lower part can hold up to 1800 double-sleeved cards in regular size. 11 acrylic dividers provide the opportunity to create several individual compartments. The upper part, secured by an amazing disk-lock, contains everything a gamer needs. There is a compartment for two playmats, three deck compartments (up to 80 sleeved cards) and a dice and token box with a separate acrylic lid. The box is sold unassembled and needs PVA glue for assembling. Detailed instructions are available. Dimensions: 370x245x170 mm Material: HDF Wood and Acryl Shown playmats, dice and cards are not included and just for product presentation."