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Blackfire Deck Box - Egyptian Pre Release Registered WPN Exclusive


Cena: 18.75 EUR

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The Blackfire DeckBox with an unique and exclusive Design for your next PreRelease. Our Blackfire DeckBox is made of solid HDF material and can easily keep up to 100 sleeved cards. It is engraved with awesome graphics and carries an elegant life counter wheel at the side. There is a lock to prevent your cards from falling out. A very special addition to this box is the acrylic card divider with 8 modificator tokens (+1/+1 and -1/-1. The tokens can be taken out and the divider is still working perfectly. If you want, you can even carefully assemble the tokens back into the divider. This special product is just available for WPN stores that sanction their Hour of Devastation pre release with us. After July this product wont be available anymore. Please note that the box needs to be assembled."