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Galda spēle 3 Laws of Robotics - EN FGG3LR01


Cena: 26.00 EUR

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?Faction Check: ERROR? This is your first thought as you boot up in a holding cell surrounded by Robots and Androids. You don?t remember much, but you know you need to get out. Give your part of the keycodes to your faction leader, and you?ll be free -- but from which faction are you? And why does the giant screen in front of you say, ?You Cannot Tell The Truth to A.I.?s?? 3 Laws is fast-moving deduction game for 4 to 10 players where you know everyone?s information (robotic faction and rank) except your own. Each round, you ask single question to try to figure out who is on your side, being sure to obey the new laws as they?re added. Ask the right questions to find your team to escape victorious in 3 Laws of Robotics!