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Galda spēle Ashes: The Protector of Argaia - EN PHG1216


Cena: 27.00 EUR

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High atop the tree-city of Birdsnest, Fiona Mercywind schemes to end the war that has disturbed the natural balance of her homeland. She avoids conflict as much as possible, but when interlopers invade the vast realm she has sworn to protect, they leave with less of themselves than expected. Set Contents: Fiona Mercywind x 1 Mind Maze x 3 Confusion Spores x 3 Summon Majestic Titan x 3 Summon Nightsong Cricket x 3 Summon Mind Fog Owl x 3 Cognitive Dissonance x 3 Essence Druid x 3 Exhortation x 3 New Ideas x 3 Seeds of Aggression x 3 Majestic Titan x 1 Nightsong Cricket x 4 Mind Fog Owl x 2