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Galda spēle Black-Handed Henry's Potion Party - EN SPM219002


Cena: 23.00 EUR

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Black-Handed Henry?s Potion Party is a dice matching game for 2 to 4 players. Players assume the role of a monster alchemist, kidnapped by the dreaded pirate Black-Handed Henry. Henry has tasked the players with brewing a powerful potion. The first player to succeed wins, and the rest walk the plank! Black-Handed Henry?s Potion Party features sixteen Super Dungeon dice in three different colors and wonderfully illustrated potion and alchemist cards. This characterful party game is quick to learn and fast to play, making it a sure hit for fans of Super Dungeon and families alike. In Black-Handed Henry?s Potion Party, players roll a pool of dice in an attempt to form matches from the results. Each match earns the player a number of ingredients of the same type and value of the match. But beware, the opposing alchemists can attempt to sabotage your roll, causing you to lose ingredients or suffer worse fates. Black-Handed Henry?s Potion Party is a standalone game set in the world of Super Dungeon, and is sure to appeal to existing fans of the popular setting and board game. The dice used to play are the same dice used in the Super Dungeon Explore board game, so Black-Handed Henry?s Potion Party also serves as a perfect way to add more dice to a player?s collection. For new fans, the speed of play, vibrant art, colorful dice, and unique charm of Black- Handed Henry?s Potion Party provide an ideal introduction to the Super Dungeon experience.