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Galda spēle Blockers: The Card Game - EN 101396


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Blockers! The Card Game?takes only a minute to learn! Get Ready: Define the game playing area with the 20 Frame Cards?Numbers on top and bottom and Letters on the side?creating a 4 x 4 playing card area. Then deal 16 Victory Cards onto the grid. Strategize! Play a Hand Card face-up on the table in front of you, and then take a Victory Card from the matching row, column, or region on the ?Board?. Place the Victory Card on top of a single stack in front of you. Every additional Victory Card you take this round must match either the color or the shape displayed by the card on the top of your stack. Be clever, you only get one of each type of Hand Card plus one ?Kicker? (wild card). Block! Block your opponents and foil their plans by anticipating and taking the Victory Cards they want?based on the top card in their stack. COMPONENTS: (123 cards in total) ? 50 Victory Cards--Every combination of 5 colors and 5 shapes, repeated twice (Rainbow Backs)