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Galda spēle Cheesonomics: European Edition - EN 101451

Cena: 51.00 EUR

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Cheesonomics is a cheesy original card game that incorporates strategic set collecting, memory, and hand management to control and manipulate the supply and demand of various types of cheese from dairy markets throughout Europe. This edition features France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. The North American version of the game is also available on another listing. Churn the right colors or animal types of cheese from opponents' hands to seize the supply of cheese! Produce the market's most demanded colors of cheese to milk the most profit! Sell the most of each kind of animal cheese to secure end game bonuses and earn the most curd cash by selling different colors of produced cheese at high market prices! The ingredients: 100 Cheese Wedge Cards (20 cows, sheep, goats, yaks and reindeer each in 5 colors) 120 Curd Cash Bills (20 tens, 40 fives, 60 ones) 25 Market Wedges (Cheese-famous US States and Canada or European Countries) 5 Turn Summary Cheese Knives (cheddar, Edam, feta, Gouda and parmesan) 1 Rule Book (Circular and Accordion Style to fit in the box) 1 Cheese Serving Tray