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Galda spēle Codex Expansion: Whitestar vs. Vortoss - EN SIRCODX05


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Codex is Real-Time Strategy in Turn-Based Card form. This expansion to Codex features two new factions. The Whitestar Order (white) faction's Discipline spec has well-trained monks and versatile spells. The Ninjutsu spec has stealthy Ninjas with blinding speed. The Strength spec is solid as a rock and offers lots of defense. The Vortoss Conclave (purple) faction's Past spec can rewind your opponent's progress, but some of your own units fade away over time. The Present spec is about seizing the moment. The Future spec has advanced technology, but some of it starts off in the future, and you'll have to wait for it! Contents: 3 white heroes 3 purple heroes 83 white faction cards 83 purple faction cards 17 token cards