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Galda spēle Dale of Merchants - EN SWG170103


Cena: 25.00 EUR

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Dale of Merchants is Snowdale Design?s first game which, thanks to its success, has later been expanded into a series of deck building games. In the game, players are merchants taking part in a trading competition, competing against each other for the opportunity to join the illustrious Guild of Extraordinary Traders. The objective of the game is to use the multi-purpose cards to build a complete merchant?s stall faster than anyone else. Players start the game with a relatively weak starting deck which they can improve during the game by acquiring new cards. To be successful, players will have to balance expanding their deck, refining it, and ultimately sacrificing cards from it while also preventing the other players from doing the same. ? 6 animal folk decks (15 cards in each) ? 20 junk cards ? 1 double-sided market board ? 1 custom wooden die ? Detailed rulebook