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Galda spēle Dale of Merchants 2 - EN SWG170202


Cena: 25.00 EUR

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Dale of Merchants 2 is a stand-alone expansion to the original Dale of Merchants. The game comes with 6 new and exciting animalfolk decks which, as has become a staple in the series, can be played by themselves or combined with the decks from the other Dale of Merchants games. The free trade city of Yengzuh is searching for a new Trade Master, a head of the city and its bustling commerce. Hopeful merchants take part in a trading competition, acquiring goods, building up their stalls, and sabotaging the competitors in hopes of fulfilling their ambitions. But only one shall be victorious and take up the mantle of the new Trade Master. ? 6 animalfolk decks (15 cards in each) ? 20 junk cards ? 1 double-sided market board ? 1 custom wooden die ? Detailed rulebook