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Galda spēle Dead Fellas - EN NJD410100


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DeadFellas is a zombie mafia card game for 2 to 8 players. There is just one rule in the zombie mafia: whack your enemies before they whack you! Players assume the role of a zombie mafia boss, assembling a crew of zombie mooks who must go out and knock-off rival mooks. Equip your zombie mooks with a crazy assortment of weapons, disguises and getaway vehicles as you attempt to be the first boss to rack up enough zombie bodies to win! In DeadFellas each player uses their gang of mooks to attack their rivals. In order to whack an rival mook, you need to supply your own mook with a disguise, a weapon, and a getaway vehicle. Each item increases the mook?s strength for when he attempts the hit. Once a mook has all three items, he can whack any rival mook with a strength that is less than or equal to his own. But be careful, the rival mook may have a trick or three up his sleeve to stop the hit. DeadFellas features an intuitive design by industry veterans Jesper Myrfors and James Ernest, and hilarious zombie mobster art by Brian Snoddy. This easy-to-learn game of zombie mobsters combines fan favorite themes in a party game like no other!