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Galda spēle Detective Stories. Case 1: The fire in Adlerstein - EN


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Try the new experience of an detective game to play with friends and family at home! In this game, the players act as a real detective to investigate the case of a suspected fire that took place in the town of Adlerstein and led to the death of a citizen. Because of arson with fatal consequences, a journalist is charged. He collected much evidence to prove his innocence. The players must determine if he is telling the truth and find the true criminal.The game is conceived as a realistic criminal case and requires investigations similar to those carried out by the criminal police in real life. What do you receive? ? Game materials ? Game instructions How it works? ? The game takes place with real objects (it's not a card game!) ? Game duration 90-120 min ? Similar to the escape rooms concept the game can be played once ? Can be played again by other players What is required? ? Facebook Account ? Internet access ? Curiosity, fun, out of the box" thinking"