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Galda spēle Dirty Drawers - EN DDZ690


Cena: 42.00 EUR

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Dirty Drawers is a ?Mature Drawing Game for Immature People®? Competing against each other for the Judge?s vote, players will use whatever artistic skills they possess (or lack thereof) to deliver their version of a randomized dirty scenario that has been divined by the cards and dice! Dirty Drawers will have you drawing the cutest ?Naked? ?Clown? ?Robbing a Porn Shop? one round and the next drawing the most perverse ?Colossal? ?Person to Your Left? ?Having an Alien Burst Out of Their Chest?. But best of all, each player gets to describe or tell a story of their drawing to sway the Judge-- even stick figures can claim victory! With six huge 8.5 x 8.5 dry-erase boards and 169 cards combining to create bottomless drawing scenarios, it?s time to ask yourself, ?Are you ready to get your Dirty Drawers on??