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Galda spēle Doctor Who: Dalek Dice - EN CB72110


Cena: 24.00 EUR

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ROLL THE DICE! EXTERMINATE! Dalek Dice is a simple, fun and quick game for two or more players, designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello (Hobbit Tales, War of the Ring, Age of Conan). In Dalek Dice, the players are Daleks invading the Earth. Nothing can stand in their way, not even the humans. The players must make sure they exterminate more humans than their fellow Daleks do to win the game! But they must watch out for the Doctor, as he has a way of foiling their plans. ? A great game for every fan of Doctor Who, both young and old. ? Based on the BBC?s ever-popular TV show. ? Taps into the huge appetite for Doctor Who merchandise and games. ? Based around Doctor Who?s most infamous baddie. ? Packaging designed to be very ?grabby? and with a price point to allow for impulse buys. ? Dalek-themed dice cup included. ? Contains dice with Daleks and a TARDIS on. ? Quick to learn and fun to play ? you can be playing your first game moments after opening the packaging ? but with enough tactical choices to keep players engaged. ? Fun game to watch and demo ? shouting EXTERMINATE! never gets old. ? Occupies a similar market space to Zombie Dice and Martian Dice. Dice cup, rules sheet and 10 dice.