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Galda spēle Philos Bottle-Safe 5520


Cena: 22.99 EUR

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Galda spēle Philos Bottle-Safe 5520

beech, size 100 x 100 x 120 mm, 2 puzzle pieces, appropriate for bottles until max. 90 mm diameter.
Does not include wine.

number of players: 1
recommended age: from age 6
playing time: ca. 10 minutes
difficulty rating: 2
playing instruction: language DE, GB, FR, ES

Why only give wine as a gift when you can give so much more? Pack the bottle in this refined and perfectly formed puzzle and give pleasure, fun and entertainment
simultaniously. You'll be surprised how the ace of the recipient changes into expectation of a great tipple. The wine can only be poured when the bottle has been freed from the puzzle. Fun is guaranteed.