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Galda spēle Philos Cube Edition I (16 cubes) 6249


Cena: 129.99 EUR

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case: samena-wood, size 395 x 395 x 96 mm

contents: 16 different difficult cubes,
cubes: samena-wood, size 70 x 70 x 70 mm,
transparent packing.

ref-no. 6207 Soma-Cube
ref-no. 6231 Philos-Cube
ref-no. 6250 Diabolito-Cube
ref-no. 6251 Workshop-Cube I
ref-no. 6253 Workshop-Cube II
ref-no. 6255 Workshop-Cube III
ref-no. 6257 Workshop-Cube IV
ref-no. 6259 Chance-Cube
ref-no. 6261 Kreta-Cube
ref-no. 6263 Knossos-Cube
ref-no. 6265 Minos-Cube
ref-no. 6267 Minotaurus-Cube
ref-no. 6269 Megaron-Cube
ref-no. 6271 Kairatos-Cube
ref-no. 6273 Ariadne-Cube
ref-no. 6275 Theseus-Cube

On first sight all 16 cubes of this edition look similar and differ only in
their name. However, every cube consists of different pieces. The object of
the puzzle is to disassemble the cube and try to re-build it. You can
choose different degrees of difficulty and you will definitely find a cube
that meets your requirements.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts!
Danger of suffocation.