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D&D Spellbook Cards - Elemental (45 Cards) - EN 73907


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With the rise of the elemental powers, the world will also see new magic emerging and a selection of new spells, all of which can be found in the new Elemental Evil Spell Deck. These elemental spell cards have their own unique visual look, as well as a visual reference for the class that can add them to their spell books. This makes this deck very versatile. ?Spell name and important info is easy to find for quick reference. ?Descriptive/Mechanical text is written in full wherever possible. When it isn?t, a Player?s Handbook page reference is given. ?Scaling spells have an additional section with details on how they improve. ?Card backs prominently display spell level for easy sorting. ?The Spell cards are highly durable and are made to last. Each card has a coating that protects them and makes them safe to use with dry erase markers.