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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Taverns - EN PZO92107


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Belly up to the bar with this indispensible guide that delves deeply into six of the Inner Sea region?s most interesting watering holes! Each entry comes complete with a detailed map and gazetteer information about each tavern?s staff, frequent guests, and most popular drinks and plot hooks for just about every level. From a rowdy alehouse frequented by pirates to Tian-style teahouse where decorum is paramount and from a quaint tavern that is the front for a group of spies to a ramshackle saloon where mind-altering chemicals are the special of the day, this book offers a handful of exciting locales where adventurers can either begin their quests or spend their hard-earned coin. In addition, you?ll find rules for an assortment of pub games that can be in played in any tavern! Bottoms up!