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Galda spēle Risk Europe B7409 - ir veikalā


Cena: 39.99 EUR

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Prece ir veikalā - Kr.Barona ielā 49, Rīgā.


Galda spēle Risk Europe

Risk Europe Game challenges players to step into a medieval king's role and rule feudal Europe. Build castles, tax subjects, expand territories and engage in battle.

This game includes a game board,15 crowns, 4 armies with 35 Footmen, 12 Archers, 12 Cavalry, 4 Siege weapons each, 8 castles, 12 red dice and 32 King's Orders cards. It also includes 8 city bonus tiles, 21 gold pieces, 40 silver pieces, 4 war banners, first player marker, 4 reminder cards, 8 crown cards, card box and game guide.

The game features 4 separate armies and 7 unique starting kingdoms, each has its own abilities and strengths.

The first player to conquer 7 kingdoms wins the game.