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Galda spēle Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Rebel Saboteurs Ally Pack SWI09


Cena: 13.99 EUR

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Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Rebel Saboteurs Ally Pack galda spele

  • Ages: 14+
  • Number of Players: 2-5
  • Playing Time: 1-2 hours

The Rebel Saboteurs Ally Pack features two detailed figures of Rebel saboteurs allowing you to replace the tokens found in the Core Set and bring some of the Rebellions most destructive agents to the battlefields of Imperial Assault. Youll find new missions for both the campaign game and the skirmish game allowing you to bushwhack through the wilderness of Endor or help the saboteurs destroy an important prototype starship. With new missions plastic figures and key Command cards this Ally Pack offers plenty of options for any game of Imperial Assault.