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Galda spēle Warhammer: Diskwars WHD01


Cena: 39.99 EUR

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Warhammer: Diskwars galda spele

  • A fast-paced board game of tactical, tabletop battles for two to four players
  • Disks utilize innovative movement mechanics to maneuver across the battlefield
  • Terrain, objectives and unique disk abilities create a deeply tactical experience
  • Rules for army building allow you to select the best forces for your strategy
  • The Core Set includes everything two to four players need to start playing

Set amid the constant warfare of the Old World, Warhammer: Diskwars is a game of ferocious, fast-paced tabletop battles for two to four players. At the heart of the game's conflicts are its disks, which represent heroes and units from across the Old World. During the game, you activate these disks, flipping them end over end to move them across the battlefield and position them to attack. With a host of terrain cards, objectives, command cards and more than sixty disks for the game's four races, the Core Set includes everything you need to build your first armies and dive into the fray!