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Cardfight!! Vanguard - Fighters Collection 2017 - Booster Display (10 Packs) - EN VGE-G-FC04


Cena: 47.04 EUR

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Fighters Collection is back again this year with an even bigger volume!! Featuring never-before-seen G unit trump cards, powerful G guardians, and heal triggers with abilities from all clans(?)!! Get your hands on all new trump cards for your favorite clans! Featured Clans «All Clans» ?All 25 clans excluding «Etranger» and «Touken Ranbu». 1 pack contains 3 random cards 1 display contains 10 packs 75 types of cards [75 new cards / no reissue cards] (GR: 24 / RRR: 24 / RR: 27) All cards with holo treatment! ?The probability of getting a specific card is different from regular booster packs, clan boosters, and character boosters.