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FoW - L1: Curse of the Frozen Casket - Booster Display (36 Packs) - EN FOWL1EN


Cena: 84.83 EUR

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Promotional items for initial retailer orders will include 1 limited PR card for each box purchased, and 1 limited edition rubber playmat and a limited red bag for every 3 boxes purchased. With Alice and Kaguya missing, it's up to Grimm's son to lead the fight for his kingdom's future! With brand new ruler cards, resonators, spells, and abilities, this booster set brings a whole new dimension to the game!! Repeat Purchase Is Encouraged. Lapis Cluster 01 Booster Set: Contains plenty unique and interesting cards, including rulers, magic stones, resonators, spells, additions, and shift cards! Arrange this item with previous products, particularly the five Lapis Cluster starter decks, to generate interest in both products from new players and veterans!