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Luck & Logic - Booster Display: Trance Re:union - (20 Packs) - EN L&LE-BT05-EN


Cena: 87.54 EUR

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Who will you choose to trance with? Power up all of the foreigners/logicalists released up until now! Jam packed with cards that will immediately strengthen your deck! Featuring popular tranceunion combinations such as Tamaki x Xiaolin" and "Aoi x Lotta" with brand new abilities! To top it off, there are 4 different Trance Rares!! All worlds are featured in this Set! ?(1 pack contains 7 random cards) ?(1 card in every pack will definitely be a paradox card) ?(1 display contains 20 packs) 136 cards total (+4?TR & 8SP & 12SR) TR: 4 RR:12 R: 26 U: 40 C: 50 PxR: 4 PxC: 4 *You must have 8 paradox cards in your deck (There are two rarities PxR & PxC)"