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MTG - Conspiracy Booster Display (36 Packs) - EN MTG-CNS-EN


Cena: 101.17 EUR

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Magic: The Gathering?Conspiracy? is a new standalone booster set where the intrigue begins long before the first spells are cast! The set is designed to be drafted and then played in Free-for-All multiplayer games. Revolutionary new abilities impact every part of the experience, from drafting and deck-building to playing the game. New Magic? cards with new mechanics, as well as returning favorites, will help draw players into your store for this unique multiplayer booster draft experience. ? 210 card set ? Black-bordered ? Set includes 60 unique new cards ? Sold in 15 card booster packs ? 36 booster packs per display The Conspiracy format is best suited for drafts with approximately 8 players. After players draft and build their decks, they divide into two groups of 3-5 players that will play Free-for-All multiplayer games.